day 235- tuesday march 25th, 2k14

Hi all you lovely people who for some reason read my blog! I just got home from track practice and man I'm sore. Today we timed our 400s and me, Emily, Courtney and Hailey made the relays! I also made the 4x100 relays and I'm super excited about that! I will run second after Sarah, who'll start. Yesterday at practice we worked on hand-offs and it felt great! I'm gonna do 4 events so far, the open 100 and 200, 4x100 and 4x400, and maaaybe long jump- it depends on the meet as you can only do a max of 4 events every meet. I'm so excited about track season, I feel like it's my kind of sport! Our first meets are next week and I would lie if I didn't say I'm a little nervous!
Tyler and Linda just got home from a FBLA-meeting at school and I can now smell food from upstairs so I suppose we're gonna eat soon. Hope you had an awesome day, 'cause I did! Talk to you later.
......Oh, almost forgot! I got the cutest compliment today! At track practice I sat down to change into my spikes, and right when I was ready to leave, this junior high girl who were doing hurdles just next to me whom I've never spoken to before, randomly came up to me and said "Tyra, you are sooo beautiful". She was so sweet oh geee, I just couldn't stop smiling for the rest of practice. Those small things mean so much.

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Wooowww ett inlägg på engelska!!!!

2014-03-26 @ 16:27:48

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