thank you

Min vän Charlotta som också bodde i Nebraska under hennes utbytesår skrev en underbart fin text på hennes blogg för några dagar sedan. Är bara tvungen att dela med mig av den!

Thank You

They say a picture says more than a thousand words. But as I looked through my photo album from this past year, I realized there was not a single picture that could express all the words that come to my mind as I look back over these past ten months.


Coming to Nebraska in August I was so excited to experience and discover a part of America I would’ve never gone to otherwise. I was looking forward to meeting new people. Also, of course, just living in the American culture. So I took that leap of faith and I left what used to be the only place I called home. Little did I know then, that the ten months lying ahead of me, would change me forever.


People keep telling me I’m brave. 
Brave because I left everything that was familiar to me to come live with a family I had never met, in a country thousands of miles away from Sweden. And I guess that is kinda brave. But my year would never have been as successful as it was without everyone around me being a little brave too. Mike and Sarah were brave when they decided to let a complete stranger live in their house for a year. The rest of my host family were brave when they decided to let me into their family and treat me as one of them. My friends were brave when they decided to let the foreigner join their already perfect friend group, not really knowing how it would turn out. Mrs. Cotton and Mr. J were brave when they put me in the Varsity Choir probably realizing I didn’t really know what I was doing. Coach Erik was brave when he let me join the dive team, even though I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I was doing. All my friends parents were brave letting someone new into their homes and lives without having the tiniest clue who I was. Brady was brave when he let himself fall in love with someone he knew would have to leave eventually.
People keep telling me I’m brave.
Without all of these people taking risks and being brave themselves, my year abroad would not have been even close to as great as it was. Personally, knowing that all these people took risks for me is something I could never express all my gratitude for. Even though it might’ve not felt like a big risk, it certainly made a difference at least for me.
People still tell me I’m the brave one, when in reality, the really brave ones are you.


I have tried my very hardest to express how thankful I am to have met and gotten to know every single one of y’all. But I do know that there is nothing I can do to give back to all of you what you have given this foreigner. To you, it might not feel like you did anything. The thing that might be hard to understand though, is that to me, you did everything. I didn’t know a single person in Lincoln when I arrived in early August. Now, leaving Lincoln, I leave people who took me in, who let me be their friend, their extra daughter, grand daughter, sister, student, etc. YOU gave me a new family. YOU gave me a second place to call home. And there is nothing I can ever do to give back to every single one of you for giving me all of that.


Thank you all for teaching me things about myself, others and life. 
Thank you all for letting me into your lives.
Thank you all for driving me places when I needed a ride.
Thank you all for letting me eat you food.
Thank you all for taking me to different places.
Thank you all for correcting me when I said something incorrectly.
Thank you all for being there when I was sad.
Thank you all for giving me a second home.


I could go on forever saying thank you.


Thank you all, for giving this crazy foreigner a year she will never forget, spent with people she will always carry in her heart, no matter the distance.


I love you all so much.




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